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Dirty Dancing after 30 years made audience dance again!


The love story of Frances „Baby” Houseman and the young and passionate dancer Johnny do not need to be presented to anyone. Although the film has been available for several decades, its plot still moves, entertains and gains new publicity.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the premiere of this film in 2017, the producers of the Tribute to Dirty Dancing Music & Dance Show have prepared a great treat for those who love this story. The story of the two heroes in love, both in dance and in their lives, has come alive and been told anew. This is the type of show that is loved by spectators.

During the show, the music is performed live and is a perfect background for a 30-person dance band that accompanies the musicians. During the show, you will be able to see not only the most popular dance systems, but also to hear all the songs from the movie Dirty Dancing in full versions live, in new dance and music arrangements.

Dirty Band:
trumpet, saxophone, trombone, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion instruments, percussion, soloists

Dance Band:
Dirty Dancing Show

Director: Jacek Lisewski
Music Director: Piotr Kończal
Choreography: Marta Marcysiak/Michał Mroczkowski